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The Money Shot

I was asked recently by a friend on facebook on what part or gesture of the masses I take pictures of is my favorite. Well, clearly it is the “epiclesis shot” which is my all time favorite; But to make things more interesting, I answered 3 gestures within the mass. The first, like what I said is the Epiclesis gesture; the second one is the Genuflection (which is done more often in the Extraordinary form than in the Novus Ordo), and the last one is the Canonical Fingers which I fondly call the “Money Shot”.

Though I kid around with its name, I find nothing funny with the disappearance of it in the Novus Ordo. I do not claim, nor will I ever claim that I am a liturgist or a liturgy expert, but as a concerned Catholic I realize that since it is nowhere to be found in most of the parishes today in our country, we are at the mercy of the Priest’s mannerisms, his inspirations, his indiscipline, his disinterest, his imagination, or whatever. Whereas, in the old rite, with his hands, the priest adds, as it were, another dimension to the utterance of the prayer.

“The rubrics of the Missale Romanum require that the celebrant avoid touching anything except the Sacred Host with “canonical fingers”-the thumb and index fingers of both hands-from the time of the Consecration onward to the final ablution.” -Daily Catholic

Little gestures, though hardly noticed, are what makes the liturgy magnificent, even majestic for me. These are also the reasons why I think the mass in the old rite is called “EXTRA” ordinary. The extra effort to show reverence is what is lacking…

…and those are the things, little as they seem, are what I seek.

With that, I share with you my mini collection of Canonical fingers or “Money Shots”.









And of course, from the recent mass…


Thanks for stopping by today…

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3 thoughts on “The Money Shot

  1. HI, i would like to suggest not to use “money shot” in your blog. this might confused your reader, use “canonical finger” it sounds better though i can’t find any documents about it but true, it’s part of the rubrics. Thanks. Ave Maria!

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