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Ending the Liturgical Calendar

Today, the Feast of Christ the King, marks the end of the Liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. Since I will be celebrating the Kingship of Christ, I decided to skip serving in the Cathedral today and attend a TRUE roman liturgy in Camarin since I do not want to end the year with a disappointment.

The mass celebrant was non other than the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Priest, the Great Rev. Fr Timoteo Ofrasio SJ.

The Mass was very solemn. The Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and the Agnus dei were all sang in Latin. Fr Tim gave a spontaneous homily that nearly brought tears into my eyes. It was spontaneous because he made an original homily today, but got carried away with the lack of reverence shown by people during the Eucharistic Procession prior to the mass. As a result, it became the focal point of the Homily. It was a Homily straight from the Heart of a true Jesuit, Liturgist and a servant of God, which is why it was probably his best homily.

Moving on, I share with you some of my photos…

The Roman Cope



The Roman Smile.













Happy Feast of Christ the King to all!!!


Thanks for stopping by today…

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